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Animals are an intricate part of my life. I can’t say I was raised on a ranch or had a veterinarian as a parent, but I am drawn to all creatures and prefer their company over humans a lot of the time. I was fortunate to have the love of two labradors in my life. Watching their bond grow over time and being able to see the way they communicated was a beautiful relationship to witness.

I adopted Basil when she just 8 weeks old in Tallahassee. She was my love, my partner, and my first soul mate. She traveled and lived across the country with me. Scout (the Yellow Lab) came into our family when Basil was 8. They immediately connected and for years to come, we were able to watch Basil teach him, and he protect and love on her.

July 2011, Basil was diagnosed with Liver Cancer at 13 years old. The months that followed are documented in these photographs.

After coming home every evening and cooking three or four different meals for her, just trying to get her to eat anything, I would watch them, as they watched me.

During development, I shocked the film with cold water to enhance the grainy quality. After scanning the negatives, I was able to tint them just slightly. I was able to capture 100 images before I had to let her go in late November of that year. She was 1 month from being 14.

I am thankful for the images I captured, and that the film was still good. This kind of loss is indescribable. Unless you have known the love of a lab (or any dog) you may never know. I hope these images portray the love I have for my dogs and love they had for each other.