Portfolio > Canvas Peel Series: A Layered Space

I am obsessed with space: lighting, design, furniture, artwork, color, aroma, sound.

I am sharing with the audience the perfect imperfections of my spaces, the objects I use within them, and the landsapes that surround them. This intimacy I devote to them, helps me reimagine my objects I give them new life within my installations. My exploration began as my first real home was being settled and I was reliving certain childhood memories and found myself discovering who I was as a married woman, an artist, and a queen of her own castle.

The works are by means of the Canvas Peel, an innovative photographic technique. This is a truly unique invention created by me. Translucent photographs are grouped together to create large sculptures. I transform the gallery into an extraordinary interactive living space.

Lamps, tables, chairs, plants, plugs and even the backyard shed are photographed using multiple frames. Once reimagined as one piece again, they formulate a collage, pushing and pulling from the wall. The peels show the detailed textures in all of the objects and allow myself to reinvest an emotional connection with them. Appearing delicate, viewers are surprised to feel the durability of canvas peels. Three French doors appear in the center of the space and force the viewer to part them in order to enter into the “back yard”.

People often ask how this process was found. I began a journey to free the photograph from the mat and frame. It felt trapped. It felt stuck. Untouchable. Plus, it no longer challenged me. My goal was to set the photograph free and bring it to the 3rd dimension. Through many years of exploration, the Canvas Peel emerged.

A Layered Space installation continues to evolve. Today, I have a different address with different architecture, including a pool, a nearby beach, and a yard completely covered in white rock. The discovery continues.

The Canvas Peel was first discovered as an accident. It took over 3 years to master including how to recreate it and control it. As technology improves and my workspace relocates, I must retest and rediscover the method all over again. The process is still secret today.